2016: Strength

I’m a list maker, a goal maker, I love being able to focus on things and check mark them off. I’m not really into resolutions per say but my husband and I do love making a bucket list every January 1st when we go out to breakfast. Things we want to accomplish personally, as a couple and as a family. I think it’s a great way to start the year with a little motivation and a path to follow. I always choose something for myself to work on as well. This year my goal and my word for the year is STRENGTH!

I want to be stronger, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually in all facets of life.

I’ve spent the past 18 months struggling with Anxiety (it’s killer when it starts exploding into panic attacks). I’ve had many days just wondering if I could make it through the day and praying so deeply that Jesus would heal me from this burden. Months ago I started saying a different prayer, that Jesus would bring me through it day by day and that he would use it to help other people. 18 months ago I couldn’t have imagined dealing with this disease for this long but  in the past 6 months or so I’ve come to realize it’s been a little bit of a blessing in disguise and I’ve been able to help people in many ways. It’s already made me a stronger, more compassionate person and it has also taught me to slow down, take each day as it comes and not worry so much about the future because we can’t control it. I’ve already become a much stronger person because of it and it’s only uphill from here.

Now that I’ve gotten a handle on my anxiety and struggles I’m ready to starting really living again and not just surviving. I want to strengthen my physical self through exercise and healthy eating and helping others do the same. I want to improve my spiritual life by really keeping up with my daily Bible Readings and studies and prayer time (I love using Yoga as a prayer time). I’ve always been a pretty confident person but when my anxiety got a hold of me I lost a most of it. I’m ready to be confident in myself again, and not allow my emotions to control me but to let them come and go as they are.

Most importantly I want to be able to teach my children how to be strong, independent human beings that are confident and strong in their beliefs and values and learn self control. Strength in themselves and strength through Jesus Christ!!!

This past year has been a learning experience and my outlook for 2016 is full of joy, happiness and memories to be made with friends and family. Happy New Year!!!



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