The Little Things

1,000 Gifts|Week 6

For the past few weeks I’ve been really struggling with my anxiety. I’ve been in a funk that I can’t seem to pull myself out of and it’s been tearing me down. I seem to really slack on writing my gifts down during the day when this happens, which is probably when I need to do it most. However, yesterday I got my hair cut and today I’ve felt like a new person. I literally feel high on life. I’ve been happy, not anxious, full of energy despite the fact that I’ve been sick and I’m super motivated and pumped about getting things done and planning. This is probably the reason I can’t sleep right now. So I decided to catch up on my blog and my 1,000 Gifts posts. My goal is to start being better about posting these every Sunday again no matter how I’m feeling. Feelings are just feelings and they won’t win!

IMG_20150401_17260855. Watching my niece sleep

56. Bridal shower for my best friend

57. Watching the joy of my kids while they climb trees

58. Easter egg hunts

59. Know that we may have eternal life because He died and was Risen!

60. Going to bed early

61. Soccer season

62. Special moments between friends

63. Feeling like you can conquer the world

64. Re-Decorating


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