The Little Things

1,000 Gifts|Week 1

I’m so excited to start this all with you and I truly hope all of you can join in! I’m loving doing this and every time I reflect on my day it makes me smile to jot these little gifts and moments down on paper. Especially since I will always have them with me. Here are mine from week 1 (since Thursday). I will be posting every Sunday and I would LOVE to see all of your lists each week as well! You can write your own blog or post on my blog or on my Facebook post!!!! Remember to try and write 2-3 gifts per day and within a year you will be amazed at how much love and happiness you have around you!!!


1. Sleepy baby snuggles from my niece.

2. Watching my sons friend at school excitedly give him a sticker for his birthday.

3. Seeing the pure joy on my 4 year old sons face when he came home from his first Blazer basketball game.

4. Watching my 5 year old son swim like a pro and jump off the big diving board for the first time.

5. My 5 year old son taking me on a date and buying me coffee.

6. Watching our new puppy sleep peacefully next to my husband.

7. (I can’t divulge this one yet)

8. Dinner with my best friend.

9. Make people smile with my pictures.

10. Sunny winter days.

11. The smell of my morning coffee.


If you want to read my original post about what 1,000 Gifts is all about check it out here 1000 Gifts.


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