Family Life

Downey Bucket List 2015

So here it is! Our Bucket List once again for a new year. The days, months and years seem to keep getting shorter and shorter as I get older. Makes me really try to inhale every moment we have together and hold on to it. 2014 was a difficult year for us and to be thankful I’m glad it’s over. Praying that 2015 will bring us more joy, more contentment, more growth and more faith this coming year!!!



1. Read through the Bible in a year together

2. Rachel wants to make a big career move!!!

3. Finish our new fireplace mantle and some smaller home projects

4. Paint our living space

5. Andrew wants to lose 25lbs

6. Stick to a consistent work out regime

7. Have Cameron COMPLETELY potty trained (this whole not pooping on the potty is getting old)

8. Have Landon tying his own shoes

9. Take one Family Vacation (We’re planning DISNEYLAND)

10. Pay off one student loan

11. Have Landon swimming by himself before Summer

12. Say I Love You more! 


None of these are out of reach we can definitely complete them all. There are still more that we might add but we didn’t get much sleep on New Years Eve. (I actually stayed up until 2AM). I think it’s great to set goals, attainable goals and make certain things a priority. I hope you all have a Bucket List for the new year as well!!!


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