Family Life

Growing Up

These past few weeks have been a little crazy around our house. Not only is it the holidays which I’m thrilled about. It’s my favorite time of year, well besides summer 🙂 We’ve been having a lot of firsts around our home lately. Mostly with our oldest. He’s really turning into a young man and not so much a baby or toddler anymore. He’s growing up fast and some days seem faster than others.

20141214_200001He recently lost his first tooth! I knew it would be coming soon, but it came very fast. The Sunday before Thanksgiving he was getting ready for bed and came in and said his tooth hurt and started wiggling it for me and it was only days away from falling out. Sure enough the day before Thanksgiving it popped out while we were snuggling on the couch that afternoon. He was SO EXCITED because he knew the Tooth fairy would be coming. We weren’t sure at first how much to give him. We don’t give him money for chores most of the time because we believe in every family member helping out, paid or not. So we decided on $2 for the first tooth (because that’s the most special) and then $1 for each subsequent tooth. Then last night he lost his second tooth! Now he can officially ask Santa for his Two Front Teeth for Christmas, hahaha!!!!

Yesterday Landon also learned how to ride a two wheel bicycle. We practiced a little over the summer and then his bike just sat in our garage. Yesterday, however the sun was shining and it was too gorgeous after church not to be outside, so we decided to ride our bikes and walk over to Grandma’s house. The whole way there I could tell he wasn’t even using his training wheels and so when we got to my moms we took his training wheels off. The first time he got on he took off riding like a pro!!! It was amazing I was jumping up and down yelling I was so excited. He still has a few issues with turning, but he’s getting better.

I’m so excited for all these new things in his life, but it also makes me a little sad. My little boy isn’t so little anymore and although he’s only 5 and needs me, every day I find he needs me less and less for things. Someday he will be all grown up and move away and will only need me at certain times. I know that’s my job as a mother, to raise our kids to stand on their own two feet and find their own way, but it breaks my heart a little as time seems to pass too quickly some days. For now I will take all the cuddles and kisses I can get!!!



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